Blogs I Highly Enjoy, part I

From time to time, I’ll post links to blogs that are great reads for various reasons.   They’re informative, funny, touching, or some combination of the above.  I’m always interested in new bloggers, who are you following these days and why?

I really like In Transit.  It’s the blog memoir of a 30-something trans man and the joys and pains of his journey.  I’ve laughed and winced, and enjoyed every post:

Lillie House is the domain of Kalamazooligan Mike Hoag, a major mentor to me and many others on the subject of permaculture:

The DFY is a dear friend with a witty and engaging view on the absurdity of life.  She is also pretty adept in blister and drunk management:


Living a great life in a small house with two cats and a garden.