Installing the 2020 Bees!

I took a beautiful Wednesday off recently and went over to the Portage Hives of the BSE and Gadgetron and installed my bees!  We took the 2019 beekeeping year off, being dispirited by losing our bees over the 2018 winter and our August 2019 job loss.  This year, we’re back in action! We got our bees from Bee Line in Mendon, MI.  These are the strongest bees we’ve seen, and we are VERY satisfied with how they looked.   

The BSE explains how the nuc (nook) of bees is constructed.  Let me apologize for the blurry parts. I was trying to compress the video to fit the limits of the platform, but I’ve upgraded to a better plan and NOW I HAVE NO LIMITS!!!!!

Here I am installing my bees, with the BSE narrating!

Isn’t the BSE’s bee jacket awesome? She made it her own!

My creative BSE!!!

Next time you’re going north on US 131 past Centre Street, look left at the I-94 exit upcoming sign. You’ll see our Easter egg hives!  Mine is the purple one on the end. 

Thanks to the miracle of cortisone, the cane has been retired!

As noted above, today I decided to upgrade my plan to include video. I’ve been holding on to this really cool video of the BSE explaining the Bee Dance, which is how the bees tell the hive where the good stuff is. Here’s what it looks like:

Here’s the BSE telling us about how the Bee Dance works in greater detail.

Pretty cool, eh? They’re fascinating creatures, and I am excited to learn more about keeping bees from the BSE and Gadgetron this summer!

Author: Amy Crabtree Campbell

figuring it out as I go, since 1967

4 thoughts

    1. They’re a cohesive little community that’s for sure. Everyone has a job to do, and it all works together. I’ll post more video as the season goes on! I’m glad you enjoyed it!


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