Monday evening garden walk (5/23/23)

As I was bringing in some pots on the porch last evening, I noticed that my irises are blooming! I grabbed my phone and decided to take a little walk.

Last night I was bringing in some pots from the porch steps and noticed my irises are blooming! I headed out with a camera to share them with all of you.

They are so lovely! This stand has been there for about as long as I’ve lived here, over 22 years. It could stand some division, but not this year.

The irises under my walnut tree are just days from bursting into bloom. This is just one of the several that are budding up and getting ready to riot.

Around the other side of the walnut, the wild blackberry bramble is coming along. I have to retrain it away from the fence periodically, since I don’t want it in my neighbor’s yard.

So many flowers already! I am really hoping for a good crop of blackberries this year. I’ll be netting these later today to keep the birds and the deer out of them.

While inspecting the irises and the blackberries around the walnut tree, I found that more hosta have returned that I originally thought. I might spread netting over the bed, which will look janky but give my hosta a fighting chance. I did dig up several stands of anise hyssop and mint from the herb garden and planted them next to most of the plants. Deer don’t care for strongly scented plants, so this may help. I’ll also look into deer repellents that are organic and not an awful stench. I do not want to put something foul right over the fence from my neighbor’s air conditioning unit!

I am really pleased with how the yarden is coming along this year!

Author: Amy Crabtree Campbell

figuring it out as I go, since 1967

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